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FOCUS is changing lives...


Increase in interest in a STEM career by the end of camp*


Of participants report a better understanding of their career goals*


Of participants report an increase in confidence at the end of camp*


Of parents report the FOCUS camp had an impact on their child*


From Participants:

“[F.O.C.U.S.] broadened my knowledge of how many varied jobs involve STEM and how STEM is incorporated into everything we do.”


“…I do see more jobs and opportunities I did not recognize were STEM related”


“…I think STEM is way more interesting…”


“…at first to be honest I thought I wasn’t going to have any fun but I did and I learned a lot of stuff…”


“…I've always understood STEM, but many things have been added to my definition of STEM. SO, thank you F.O.C.U.S. camp, you've really opened my eyes to a new understanding.”


“[F.O.C.U.S.] was amazing and I loved the variety of stations.”


“…it should be two weeks cause it's so fun!!!!!!!!!!!”

From Parents:

“As a scientist and researcher, I was amazed by the program. The themes taught to the girls were well chosen and well conveyed. They were brought to the girls intellectual abilities and in a very comprehensible manner which is not an easy thing to do for such complex concepts. Job well done! The program also allowed the girls to have a taste of college life. The counselors really inspired the girls!”

“When I told my daughter she would go to a STEM camp she complained that she did not like Science and Math, but by the end of the first day she was excited to learn and was making new friends. I think the all female counselors had a huge impact on her view of women in science - great job!”


“She is still talking about the things learned and hopes to have the opportunity to attend next year.”


“She has been a participant of other STEM programs but FOCUS has incited more of her curiosity about applied scientific concepts. She is now convinced that science is not abstract and boring. She also realized that STEM can be fun and instructive.”

“I saw a renewed interest in the sciences; moreover, I saw her excited and intellectually engaged in all portions of the session.”

*Data from 2016-2018 pre and post assessment surveys

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